The tree of creation

At the entrance to the Har Adar forest 2003

The Tree of Creation was built in cooperation
with Gidi Bashan, the JNF and David Efrati,
head of the local council. A group of local residents
got together and we carved in the forest for a whole year,
in all weather conditions. The circle around the
campfire and the great food contributed to this special

The carvers, with whom I still carve today are: Itzik Shahak,
Amnon Levi, Gabi Bin Non, Gabi Shefa, Zehava Efrati,
Yigal Zaken, Michael Litvak and Rachel Ackstein.

People who think with their hearts.

Yuval Lopen from Ginnosar donated the cypress trunk.

Symbols (from bottom to top):

  • A pregnant woman with her feet rooted in the earth
  • A large water container
  • A gazelle’s head
  • Rainbow with flowing water
  • A bird in flight
  • Rain clouds
  • The sun