The totem pole at Adam School

Jerusalem, Emek Refaim Str. 

The first peace totem pole carved by 7th-8th graders
in cooperation with their teacher Eyal Bloch.
The pole was carved of red cedar brought from
Canada and donated by my sister, Ella Youngman.
It is located at the school yard in the German Colony
of Jerusalem. We carved it in weekly sessions
over a year and a half. The lack of support by the
school staff was balanced by the warm
support of the parents.

The symbols from bottom to top: 

The children of the world hugging the earth.

An elephant holding a sword that becomes a flower,
symbolizing royalty and fertility. It is an ancient symbol
of power auguring good luck and success.

The unity of Christianity Islam and Judaism – one god.

And the wolf shall live with the lamb – the last days

The eagle: spiritual uplifting, healing and creativity.
A wider point of view and a sharper perception
connects the earth and the sky and the messenger
of the sun.

So be it.