Givat Haviva

the Jewish-Arab center, 2002

It was created in cooperation with Etti,
the director of the arts center and with
Said from the local council. The tree
trunk waited at Ein Shemer and was
donated by Shlomo Erel.

The team that cooperated on this project
included Harubi, Tal Bashan, Mirwat Issa
and Shlomo Erel.

The teenagers came from the Arab village
Meiser and from the regional schools.
It was an intensive two week process
during which the young people got to
know each other, then pick and carve
symbols of peace.

Symbols (from top to bottom)

  • The dove of peace — always finds
    its home
  • Dolphin — happiness, playfulness,
  • The sun shining on the dove’s chicks
  • Hands that emerge from the roots and
    reach towards the golden-heart flower
    located in the center of the sun.