“The peace totem”

Berlin, 2006

In August 2006 a project called
“Carve a Tree for Life” took place
on the Vanse Island. Teenagers and
adults from four countries
participated in this project which
was sponsored by EuroMed:

Germany, the host

Turkey, students for international relations

Palestine, students from Bethlehem and Jerusalem

Israel, Teenagers from Sderot

The encounter took two weeks during which
the participants carved a 200 year old oak
tree that had grown in a park in Berlin and
was cut down because of a disease.
It is 12 meters tall and Y shaped.

The symbols (from bottom to top)

  • The phoenix reborn
  • On the left, children on a see-saw
  • Above it, a huge open heart with an
    embryo inside it. Water flows through the heart.
  • On the right, a turtle climbing relentlessly, leaving footprints in the trunk.
  • On the right branch, the hand of a woman pouring water from a jug
  • On the left branch, the hand of a man pouring water from a jug
  • Around them, masks showing human faces that express different emotions
  • Above the hand of the woman is an Ankh.
  • Above the hand of the man is the phoenix burning
  • Many masks

The team included Shlomo Erel from Mishmar HaEmek, Eyal Bloch from Jerusalem, Karola from Brlin and Volker from Hanover, Germany.